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Our famous  Texas Golden Pecans  &  Pick-Your-Own place
Pecan Cracking
Please note our Pecan Cracker is not available during the 2017 Season.  We have several places for you to go to have pecans cracked and clean locally.

Sunnyvale Pecan Orchard

Mike & Dianna Sage

Sunnyvale Pecan Orchard
Paper Shell Pecans 

$XXX per lb. SPO house pecans
$XXX per lb. outside orchard pecans

Please note: Paper Shell Pecans that come to the orchard need to have at least 95% of the trash removed before cracking can be done (hand picked preferred). An additional $0.25 per lb. will apply if pecans are processed by our equipment. Please note, we can only crack paper shell pecans or large natives. Small native pecans cannot be cracked with our Myer's cracker if they are less than an inch long.

For further information call:
Office 972-226-1251
Cell     972-226-7243. 

Cracking is done by Myers Pecan Cracker. This cracker was manufactured in 1948 and still in working condition. Watch the children get a great kick out of watching the pecans get whacked & cracked at our store.
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