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Our famous  Texas Golden Pecans  &  Pick-Your-Own place
1.   Check in at the admission office for PYO  $5.00 admission charge per family.
2.   You may bring in your own container for picking or use one of ours.
3.   Please do NOT eat and pecans until you pay for them.
4.   You MUST PAY FOR EVERYTHING that you and your family pick. So pick only what you want to   purchase.
5.   No unauthorized vehicles are permitted in the fields.
6   To make sure this is a fun and education experience for all, we ask that you please WATCH, MAINTAIN and CONTROL your children.
7.   Absolutely NO THROWING of Pecans, sticks or stepping on pecans.
8.   Please do not open or climb into any farm gates or fences.
9.   No coolers or picnic basket are permitted in the PYO area.
10. All bags, containers, baby strollers, etc. are subject to search.
11. Please be careful when walking in our fields.  Our crops are fragile and need to be treat with respect.
12. Please do not run between the rows of pecan trees.
13. Carts are available for your use free of charge on a first come-first basis. Please return them to the admission shed.  For your safety, no one should stand or ride on cart.
14. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids while picking in the pecan orchard.  Water is available.
15. Please dispose of all trash in garbage receptacles.
16. Dogs are not permitted in the pecan orchard.
17. Please be aware and keep away from tractors and farm machinery.
18. Please be kind and courteous to your fellow visitors and staff.
19. Sunnyvale Pecan Orchard reserves the right to remove guest from our orchard at any time.
20. Customers have a requirement to pick up at least 5lbs or more pecans.
22.  The most important rule of all on the farm: HAVE FUN.........

Please know that your Pick-Your-Own  $5.00 admission charge per family goes directly towards keeping our family farm permanently preserved, productive, beautiful, clean, and open to the public to enjoy.


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